Tilt & Turn Windows and Tilt & Slide Door Repair

We have over 20 years of experience in tilt and turn/slide windows and doors and specialize in this field. With our expert knowledge, you can rely on fast, cost-effective repairs from honest and knowledgeable professionals. You’ll always get the best and first-class workmanship when you call on us for your repairs.

Tilt & Turn/Slide Specialists

If you are having difficulty with open/closing your tilt & turn door, or your tilt & turn window is simply jammed, then just give us a call and we can can repair it on the spot. Working and repairing tilt and turn/slide window and doors takes skill, patience and expertise as these systems are complicated. With us you get all the above and more. When we do a repair we make sure the system is working as it should with ease and the repair work is long lasting.

  • Hard to open/close tilt & turn/slide repair
  • Jammed window and door
  • Realignment
  • Handle replacement
  • Tilt & turn/slide multi-point lock replacement

Why Choose Us?

We offer fast, efficient repairs for all your door and window needs. We are very knowledgeable and make sure the repairs are done to the best of standards, if not better, than when the windows and door were installed. We take pride in our work and give every customer confidence in a long lasting repair

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If you’re having trouble with your tilt & turn windows or tilt & slide doors and, get in touch today on 07710 208400
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